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PAT MONTEATH was born in Wembley but moved to Yorkshire at the age of 3. His early years were spent in the West of the county where he attended local schools in Bingley, Ilkley then Bradford City High School. Upon leaving school he attended Hull College of Advanced Technology where he studied Electronics. After qualifying he moved back to London - worked for Decca and later joined the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Pat's first love is poetry. He started writing when he was 9 and has, since then, written a vast number of poems about hundreds of subjects. He's been published in the USA/Canada and the UK. In 2000 was short-listed for a short drama competition run by channel 4.

His first book 'Who pays the Ferryman?' - Published in 2003 - was the first of a planned trilogy and was a complete success. Since then, along with his second book ‘Operation Orpheus’, has gone into a third edition.

The Ferryman trilogy came out of a chance encounter in a Kent pub with the mysterious Richard James who was to provide the author with the story of the novels. After numerous subsequent interviews and a number of years research the first novel in the trilogy - an account of the real exploits of the IRA and British Intelligence was finally completed and published by Quill Publishing in 2003. Having achieved success with this first novel the author then went on to write the two sequels - the second book in the series - titled 'Operation Orpheus' published in 2006 has also gone to a third edition and like the first book was published by Quill Publishing. Quill was quick to realise that they had a mini success story on their hands and have great pleasure in once again working with Pat on the final part of the trilogy ’Codename Beggarman’ which was published by Quill Publishing of Whitby North Yorkshire on the 6th October 2007.

His latest book called ’The Waiting Game’, was released on 8th November 2008 and already the early signs are that this is going to be yet another successful top selling book for both the author and Quill Publishing.

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